Releasing xtensor-r

Releasing a new version

From the master branch of xtensor-r

  • Make sure that you are in sync with the master branch of the upstream remote.

  • In file xtensor_r_config.hpp, set the macros for XTENSOR_R_VERSION_MAJOR, XTENSOR_R_VERSION_MINOR and XTENSOR_R_VERSION_PATCH to the desired values.

  • Update the readme file w.r.t. dependencies on xtensor and pybind11.

  • Stage the changes (git add), commit the changes (git commit) and add a tag of the form Major.minor.patch. It is important to not add any other content to the tag name.

  • Push the new commit and tag to the main repository. (git push, and git push --tags)

Updating the conda-forge recipe

xtensor-r has been packaged for the conda package manager. Once the new tag has been pushed on GitHub, edit the conda-forge recipe for xtensor in the following fashion:

  • Update the version number to the new Major.minor.patch.

  • Set the build number to 0.

  • Update the hash of the source tarball.

  • Check for the versions of the dependencies.

  • Optionally, rerender the conda-forge feedstock.

Releasing the R Package

To build a package tarball for R, simply clone and run

R CMD build .

from the root of the source directory.

To produce a package tarball vendoring the xtl, xsimd and xtensor dependencies (for e.g. CRAN), clone and run

./configure   # Downloads xtl, xtensor, xsimd, and xtensor-r.
R CMD build .

from the root of the source directory.